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$12,000 | Includes the board, foil, wing, strut, hand-controller, removable/rechargeable battery for the eFoil, battery charger, cleaning kit, toolkit, manual, quick start guide and cases for safe transport of all included items.

E1 is a larger board with the most stability and floatation, recommended for larger or less experience riders up to 250 lbs.
E1 Sport is a smaller board with maximum maneuverability for tighter turns, recommended for experienced watersports users up to 200 lbs.
110 - Super Speed
For riders looking to push the limits of speed and carving, this is the wing. Having a smaller surface area allows the rider to lock in and get comfortable at a higher speed. The shorter wingspan allows for tighter radius carving and surfing. The 110 is a great option for smaller riders and versatile enough to handle larger riders looking to go fast.
170 - Balanced
With its larger surface area, but thinner profile, this wing offers the float without the added resistance. You can slow it way down and you can still push the limits of speed without losing control. The 170 locks in at speeds that really match the waves be it in a lake or the ocean. This is Lift’s “backcountry powder board”.
200 - Smooth & Easy
Slow it down, lock it in, get comfortable and ride the motion of the ocean. This wing is a cadillac and with its large platform, it’s as easy to ride as walking down the sidewalk. For those that love to surf, try throttling way back in an ocean roller and see if you can resist smiling.